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1.On October 12, Dragan Skocic's men will host Tajikistan in the Iranian capital Tehran.。
2.By winning the cup, the Tabriz-based team will directly participate in next year's AFC Champions League. Enditem。
3.In women's singles, top seed Pliskova of the Czech Republic was upset by France's Caroline Garcia in the second round.。
4.PP Sports, owned by Chinese retail giant Suning Group, had signed a three-year deal with Premier League in 2016. The broadcaster has reportedly withheld a payment of 160 million pounds rights fees which were due to happen in March.。
5.As the match progressed, Joachim Low's men retreated with their narrow lead and kept all their men behind the ball.。
6.Rondon continued to demonstrate his prowess in the second half. In the 48th minute, the Venezuelan striker assisted Swedish winger Sam Larsson to stretch the lead for Dalian.。


1.Nationwide demonstrations against what activists have described as police brutality and systemic racial inequality have broken out over the past few months, particularly after police killed George Floyd and shot Jacob Blake. Enditem。
2.The academy, named after one of the country's most famous coaches, is solely responsible for the highest available coaching license.。
3.Fourth seed Naomi Osaka of Japan booked her place in the third round with a comfortable 6-1, 6-2 win over Italy's Camila Giorgi.。
4."We'll see what happens; we have plenty of time in this transfer window and a couple of others as well. Time will tell," commented the forward, who added "the decision is in Real Madrid's hands."。
5.Other clubs are expected to follow.。
6.Meanwhile, Spain lacked in penetration and failed to pose danger in front of Germany's goal.。


1.Larsen is a retired Danish badminton player who won major international singles titles in the 1990s, and ranks among Denmark's badminton greats.。
2."The final climb wasn't too hard, it was difficult to make a gap there, and therefore attacking would have been a huge effort for a small gain. So we rode steady to save energy for the coming days," Yates said.。
3.Duan Liuyu sent a long-distance shot off the cross-bar in the 45th minute, while Marouane Fellaini saw his header hit the post in frustration in the 61st minute. Enditem。
4.Moreno remained in the thick of things and kept Germany's defense busy as the striker hit an effort on target from a promising position in the dying seconds of the first half.。
5.Before the game, Dalian ranked seventh with six points in the eight-team division, while Henan, also on six points, sat at the bottom by virtue of their inferior goal difference.。
6."It was a delight to wear yellow. Hopefully I'll keep for a few more days. Let's first see how it goes tomorrow."。


1、"This is not the way I'd imagined taking the yellow jersey," Yates said, "If I'm honest, no one wants to take the jersey like this."。
2、Bale added that despite apparently not being in Zidane's plans, Madrid had stopped him moving last season.。
3、"It was a delight to wear yellow. Hopefully I'll keep for a few more days. Let's first see how it goes tomorrow."。
4、Despite the Bavarians having dominated the national and international stage, close competition is secured as domestic competitors such as RB Leipzig, Borussia Monchengladbach, Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund have caught up over recent years.。
5、With this result, Dalian are sixth in Group A with nine points, while Henan with six points remained in last place.。


LAUSANNE, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- Armand Duplantis from Sweden set a season's best 6.07 meters in the pole vault at the Wanda Diamond League meeting here on Wednesday, securing the highest outdoor pole vault jump for 26 years.!


  • 到神 10-19

    "These are needless deaths. Needless. We should be similar to most countries on the planet, and yet, we are an embarrassment, and a tragic embarrassment," Lurie added.

  • 是冥 10-18

    "It's top players, so if you wait for the mistake it's never going to happen," Garcia said. "If you let Pliskova breeze and take your serve, you're never going to make a return, and then it's 6-4, 6-4 and you're done in one hour."

  • 入思 10-17

    "The Premier League confirms that it has today terminated its agreements for Premier League coverage in China with its license in that territory, the Premier League will not be commenting further on the matter at this stage," read a statement.

  • 道哼 10-16

    Nouri suffered brain damage after having a heart attack during a game in 2017.

  • 地万 10-15

    "There have been other instances where we have tried to go but the club won't allow it, or they've done something. I want to play football, I am still motivated to play football, so I guess it's on the club. They are in control of everything. I have a contract, all I can do is carry on what I am doing and hopefully something comes up," said Bale. Enditem

  • 盏金 10-14

    Briton Adam Yates retained the yellow jersey and kept a three-second lead over Jumbo's Primoz Roglic in the overall standings.

  • 大势 10-13

    "Germany has been the first nation to have three of its coaches among the final four in the Champions League," he added.

  • 的伤 10-12

    Briton Adam Yates retained the yellow jersey and kept a three-second lead over Jumbo's Primoz Roglic in the overall standings.

  • 帝的 10-11

    Calling systemic racism one of the two "pandemics" afflicting the United States, Lurie said during his annual State of the Eagles address that change will not happen until "we realize we're responsible for it."

  • 冲击 10-10

    Klein is expecting the many young talents to continue their performance. He mentioned Dortmund's Erling Haaland as one of the examples next to Jadon Sancho.

  • 胜负 10-09

    The Bundesliga is also going to intensify its efforts to support football development in China.

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